What does a water softener do?

Advantages Of Having A Water Softener System


Stuart PlumberThere are many benefits of having a water softening system installed into your home. When you shower, you will notice that your skin will feel very clean and silky smooth. Your dishware and glassware will look shinier and cleaner after they are washed. Having a soft water system will give many of your appliances a longer life such as dishwashers and laundry washers. Your white loads of laundry will come out bright white, instead of dingy grey.

The water softener will go through a process which is called ion exchange, which removes all the hardness from the water. The hardness is pulled out of the water and constantly cleans itself while regenerating. Every so often, you will be required to put a certain amount of salt substitute in your water softener.

Hardness is made up from magnesium and calcium, which is rock that is dissolved in your water. By having this in your water, it is difficult to shower and wash dishes because the hardness prevents the soap to come to a lather. Commonly, the hardness in the water will also cause problems with water heaters and piping throughout the home. This can become very costly and bothersome replacing parts and appliances constantly. You also can check the hardness in your water, many plumbing companies will offer free kits to test your water yourself.

There are many professional plumbing companies that will sell, install water softeners and filters to solve all of your water-treatment needs within the home. When you are selecting your plumbing professionals, you will want to do research before you hire for the job. You can call in to ask any questions and get a free quote over the phone. The licensed, insured and trained professionals are standing by to get your water system in your home back on the right track.

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