How can I take care of the drains in my home?

Tips on Drain Maintenance


Stuart PlumberDrains can be such a hassle if not taken care of properly ahead of time. With proper maintenance, many unwanted drain problems can be prevented. The most common things that happen with drain problems include clogs and odor problems. A few easily maintainable procedures could stop that headache and make every drain happy.

Often times, drains that are clogged and have a nasty odor cause people to be upset and wish it never happened. With a few small daily habits, many of these drain problems can be prevented. What are a few things that can clog a drain? The answer to that question is easy. Hair, debris, and any other small objects have the capability of clogging a drain. A simple way to prevent this from happening is to place a strainer in the drain. These can be purchased for only a few dollars. It is cheap and requires no installation to prevent this stressful action of drains being clogged. A good habit to get into is to clean the area around the drain on a daily basis. That involves wiping any hair and any other particles that are near the drain. The particles will slowly start to build up and that is how the unpleasing clogging of drains occur. Odors typically occur because of food particles that do not make it all the way down the drain. The food particles get caught and overtime, start to go bad and the great smell of odor appears. A good way to prevent this is to not let any food at all go down the drain. This will not allow any food particles to get stuck in the drain. Therefore, that odor of rotten food will no longer be there. If food does get into the drain, hot water should be turned on to allow the food to go completely down the drain.

With such a simple change in daily habits, drains can be used the way they are supposed to be, without clogs or odors. Not only does this make homeowners happier, but it saves time and money.

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