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For some people, there are never any worries about water issues. Many places, such as apartment complexes, have people who take care of water pump issues before they even occur. But for others, especially those who obtain their water from well pumps, there can be many common water pump issues to contend with. For professional well pump services, look to the team at Allore’s Plumbing Services. We assist residential and commercial properties in Stuart, FL and surrounding areas.

What are Common Well Pump Problems?

One common issue is the loss of water pressure. In larger building such as hotels or motels, loss of water pressure can be caused by too many people using the water at the same time and straining the pump. For those with well water pumps, the reasons behind loss of water pressure are brought about by a multitude of factors. From having a pump that is too large to having one that is installed improperly, the loss of water pressure is the number one issue with well pumps.

Another issue involves the well pump not starting up properly. This can be due to an electrical issue with the pump. It can also be due to the pump being too small, too large, or installed improperly.

A third issue is dirty water. This is often caused by one of two reasons. One, the well is running dry and you need to give it a chance to fill back up. The other reason is that there is debris in the pump from the well, such as mud and sediment. There are different ways to fix this issue, but only a certified plumber can give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Well Pump Maintained?

Why is a well pump important when you can choose to live where the city takes care of any water issues? The reason to have a well water pump is very simple. We often don’t know what is put in the water when it goes through the treatment plants for those within the city limits. The water has to go through a treatment plant because it is cleaned from the sewage that comes from the population as a whole. While the water plants will claim that they do not recycle the water back into the population, it’s never certain that all of the contaminants are removed.

Having your own water well ensures that you have clean, fresh water every time you turn on your faucets.

The benefits of having a well pump is dependent on where you live and whether or not having your own well is financially beneficial or not. If you find yourself wanting your own water well, you will need to take a look at the cost of upkeep, as well as whether or not the fees for using city water will be less costly than having your own well installed and running.

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