How do drain cleaners work?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Stuart PlumberIf your drain gets clogged, a plumber’s visit could cost you money. So you get out the plunger, and maybe pour some baking soda and vinegar down the drain. And that’s fine; hopefully it works. If the plunging fails, though, should you try chemical drain cleaners or call a plumber? Here are some reasons you might want to pass on the caustic chemicals:

First, most drain cleaners are toxic. The chemicals in them are designed to react with the grease and hair that clogs your drain, and that reaction generates heat. Using a caustic drain cleaner can do more harm than good in these ways:

  • Chemical drain cleaners can actually damage your pipes, especially if you use them often. These cleaners–which might contain lye, bleach, and other corrosive agents–could eat away at older metal pipes and even put holes in them, or can soften PVC pipes. And paying for new pipes is far more expensive that having a plumber clear your drain!
  • Spills of over-the-counter drain cleaners can damage you counters, your faucet fixtures, even your floors. Again, these are expensive to repair.
  • Spills that get on your clothes or skin are even worse. These chemicals burn and can seriously harm you.
  • The fumes from drain cleaners are noxious. If your kitchen or bath is not well ventilated, they could make you ill.
  • Once your drain clears, all those chemicals go through it and could eventually end up in our oceans or rivers, polluting the environment.

If you use these drain cleaners, they may not work. In that case, the corrosive chemicals are sitting in your drain for even longer and can do more damage. In addition, once a plumber comes out, he will have to deal with the chemicals too as he starts to clear your drain.
Don’t believe the claims and commercials. Chemical drain cleaners are risky and harmful. You are much better off avoiding them.

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