Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking to Remove Those Stubborn Clogs

Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking to Remove Those Stubborn Clogs


Chances are you’ve experienced a clogged drain at one point or another. Many times, all you need is to take your standard household plunger and use that suction to pry the clog loose. However, depending on how big the clog is and what it is comprised of, that may not always work.

Removing stubborn clogs may require more sophisticated equipment and technique, namely snaking and hydro jetting. What’s the difference and which solution makes sense for you?

Rely on Professional Help

No matter what the problem is, it’s a good idea to call your trusted plumber right off the bat. Our training and extensive knowledge can diagnose the problem and employ the right solution immediately, saving you time and money. In the case of hydro jetting, not knowing what you are doing can result in costly damage to your pipes.

plumbingsnakeWhat is a Plumbing Snake Exactly?

A plumbing snake is a thin metal auger that is very pliable. It has a corkscrew-style bit on end, which is effective for punching holes through the clog. It resembles a snake, as it coils on top of itself, which is where it got its name.

How Does the Snake Solution Work?

Snaking works in the opposite way that your plunger does. The plunger uses suction to pull the clog out. The snake uses pressure to push the clog out. A couple of benefits of the snaking method are that it is simple to use and often very useful. Snake are long and flexible.

In some cases, it may not be effective. If you have a very dense clog, made of tree matter, hair or grease, you may need to rely on stronger pressure. Also, the snake only cuts a hole through the clog, so it may not remove it entirely. You may risk it reoccurring.

How About Hydro Jetting?hyrojetting

Of the clog removal methods, Hydro jetting is the more potent. It uses a targeted high-pressure spray to plow through clogs, breaking them down and flushing them away. It’s ideal for tree root intrusion on pipes or other hard to remove clogs.

Hydro jetting isn’t just for removing clogs; it is an excellent preventative maintenance tool as well. Getting a hydro jet cleaning on a regular basis will clean your pipes of debris and stop those clogs from starting at all.

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