Main Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets

Main Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets

If 2017 is the year you invest in a bathroom renovation; there are a few decisions you must make before taking on the project. One of the most important choices is the type of toilet you install.

Low-flow and dual flush toilets are gaining popularity with homeowners in the area. These units are efficient, modern and useful. Some of the other significant benefits of a low-flow or dual flush toilet include:

save_on_water_bills_480Low-Flow Toilets are Economical and Environmentally-Friendly

Compared to a traditional toilet, low-flow units use about half the water of an older unit per flush. This means you’ll be using at least 50% less water while getting the same flushing power from the toilet. By using gravity or a pressure-assisted system, a low-flow toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush. This results in reduced energy and water bills and more water conservation in your home.

Dual Flush Toilets are Even Better at Conserving Water

If water conservation and money savings are your top priorities, a dual flush toilet might be the best option for you. These units typically contain two buttons on the top for two different flushing options. The half flush option and full flush option gives individuals the opportunity to choose the best option for their unique experience. Since there are two different options, homeowners with a dual flush toilet experience even more savings on their water bills.

Take Advantage of Rebates

Water conservation is so important in today’s world that most manufacturers offer significant rebates for customers who choose to go with a low-flush toilet model. Before purchasing your new toilet, ask about environmental and water conservation rebates to take full advantage of the savings and get the best bang for your buck.

For Some, Installing a New Toilet is a Requirement 

benefits_of_dual_flush_toilets_360In society, we need toilets to maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle. As technology advances, we find new ways to prevent disease and dispose of human waste in a safe and effective manner.

If your toilet was installed before the early 1990’s, chances are, you are using a unit that is not efficient and may not meet the quality standards of today’s toilet.In 1992, the government mandated that all new toilets be low-flow or dual flush to maintain the standards for home waste removal.

If you haven’t had your toilet replaced in the past 25 years, it’s definitely time to upgrade. You only stand to benefit from changing to a dual flush or low-flow unit. Not only will you get to enjoy a modern appliance in your home, but also you’ll adhere to the government’s standards while saving money and conserving water at the same time.

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