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How to Fix a Leaky Garden Hose with the DIY Approach

How to Fix a Leaky Garden Hose with the DIY Approach


Noticing water pooling around your garden hose? Don’t throw the hose away; try these steps to fix a leaky garden hose with a DIY approach. The first step is always inspecting the hose to see where the leak is located. Once you’ve determined where the leak is coming from, move on to one of these three options:

If the Leak is Coming from the Hose Bib Connection:

Leaks from the hose bib connection are standard with outdoor garden hoses. The most common causes for leaks are worn out or incorrectly sized washers. The best way to repair it is by removing the old washer and replacing it with a new one. Once you remove the washer, inspect the connection to make sure it’s clean before installing the new one. Once it’s installed, make sure you have tightened the screw into place securely.

If the Leak is Coming from the Gasket:

It’s common for the o-rings and gaskets to become worn out from everyday use. If you notice leaking from the gasket, check the hose connector and replace the current gasket with an o-ring. This simple fix should solve the problem.

If there is a Hole in Your Garden Hose:

Many homeowners will simply throw out a perfectly good garden hose as soon as they notice a hole or tear in the material. Most hardware stores carry handy hose repair kits designed to save you money and prevent the need for purchasing a new garden hose when your current hose has one small leak. While most kits will come with specific instructions, they mostly instruct homeowners to cut out the damaged section, clamp the hose and attach the hose repair fitting where the damaged part was removed. Once this is complete, make sure you test the hose and make sure it works correctly and does not have any other potential leaks or other problem areas.

All of these repairs are simple and easy to complete with minimal experience and a few essential tools. Taking five or ten minutes to fix your garden hose will save you money and prevent you from needing to buy many garden hoses throughout the year.

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