Tips to Help You Avoid Clogged Pipes

Tips to Help You Avoid Clogged Pipes


As President’s Day approaches, we can’t help but think about what a day in the life of a President must be like. Their days are filled with decision making, but the nights are filled with entertaining and serving the world’s leaders over dinner.

With so much to do it’s easy to skip over essentials, like proper kitchen etiquette and maintenance tips. Whether you’re a world leader, you’re entertaining one, or you’re just throwing a dinner party at home, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind if you want to avoid plumbing problems down the road.

Reliable Clog Prevention Starts by Paying Attention

clogpreventionWhile making things like gravies, roasts and other dishes that create fats and oils, it’s tempting to try and wash that grease buildup down the drain. This is a big no-no that you must do your best to avoid.

Grease and oil that appears liquid now, can cause serious plumbing issues once washed down your drain. Those liquids often solidify as they cool, creating a lump that will instantly stop up your drain.

Those lumps are usually enough to create clogs then and there, or they’ll form a partial blockage that will clog over time. Either way, eventually the mistake will require a visit from your local plumber. That’s why clog prevention practices are so important.

Dispose of Food Easily With a Garbage Disposal


Gathering with friends and family members is supposed to be a time of celebration, not a time to worry about what sort of food items are being washed down your drain!

Unfortunately, that’s what many homeowners end up doing during these events. By installing a garbage disposal in your drain, you won’t have to think about that any longer.

Instead, food disposal will be a simple as the flip of a switch and clogs a thing of the past. Of course, you’ll still have to care for your drain, but a good disposal makes things easier for families.

Is Drain Cleaning Worth It?

daincleaningDrain cleaning is a technique employed by professional plumbers using tools like drain augers, and hydro jets to clear away debris that’s built up in your pipes over the years.

A drain cleaning might be a necessary service for you if water won’t drain from one of your fixtures any longer, but even if that isn’t the case the service is probably a worthwhile expense if you’ve had your home for some time. Through the drain cleaning process, you can loosen up and clean out debris that has gathered in your home’s pipes over time. It can be done in one of two ways.

Through the insertion of a long coil that spins and pushes debris through, known as a drain auger, or by a special tool that blasts water up and down through your pipes. Either way, a professional can clean up your pipes, help water to flow more smoothly and improve the function of the kitchens and bathrooms throughout your house.

Drain cleaning is a worthwhile investment that can help speed drain times, clear away blockages and help keep your pipes functioning properly for years. February is home to President’s Day and a time for celebrating our world leaders.

During this time, we hope that they have a wonderful time being with their loved ones, and we hope you’ll share some of the tips found in this article to help improve everyone’s time with family and friends by giving them one less thing to worry about.