Spring Season Troubles With Your Well Pump

Spring Season Troubles With Your Well Pump


There are relaxing afternoon showers, the flowers are filling the fields with color, and the weather is just right for a day tending to the yard. But how healthy is your well pump? Numerous things could have gone unnoticed in the winter, and making sure your well pump is up to the new usage this season is key.

In the even yours needs repairs or replacement, there’s a lot to consider. Namely, what pump you need or have in your home! If you’re not sure how to tell what’s what, read on to learn more about well pumps, and which may be right for your home!

Is a Shallow Well Jet Pump Right For Your Home?

whatisShallow well jet pumps are applicable in wells or reservoirs that need a total pumping lift no more than 5.5 m or 18 feet.

They have three main components, include an electric motor, an impeller, and a jet assembly. They’re generally a top choice for smaller and shallower systems, hence the name.

When it comes to operation, they’re much simpler to work and require a lot less maintenance than larger units. They’re also easier to install, making them a top choice for homes with a smaller system that requires a minimally invasive well pump installation.

When to Opt For Deep Well Jet Pumps?

idealjetpumpDeep well jet pumps are applicable in wells with a pumping lift of 22 to 110 feet. A deep well jet pump adds the principle of a centrifugal pump and that of an injector.

The injector nozzle and tube size are based in accordance with the pumping depth, the distance the pump is offset from the well and the size of the pump. Generally, deep well jet pumps are used in dryer conditions, where the water supply is a lot deeper.

Deep well jet pumps can be offset from the well, are almost trouble-free if they are properly installed, and are energy efficient, making them a great choice for any homeowner.

The Benefits of Deep Well Submersible Pump

submersiblepumpDeep well submersible pumps can function like any other pump; the only difference is they can function under water. They are used for wells as deep as 22 feet to 110 feet, and they contain a more powerful jet pump which helps them push water up and out of your well, instead of pulling.

A deep well pump can be used in a wide number of applications including farming, hydroponic techniques, residential use, and many others. These types of pumps use power to operate and have motors that are encased to protect them from fluid leakage that might cause failure.

As with any well pump, these systems work best when they’re properly maintained and services, especially since they’re submerged in your well. Just as you might take an afternoon looking over flowers, trying to find the right one that speaks to you, you always should take the same approach with your well pumps.

At Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC we can help you with all your well pump needs. From choosing the system to maintaining your existing unit, we take the time to find the right solution for you so you can spend less time worrying about your water supply, and more time enjoying the spring season. Call us at (772) 288-0998 for all your Stuart plumbing needs.