The Inside Scoop On Removing Hard Water Stains

The Inside Scoop On Removing Hard Water Stains


In today’s corporate world, a majority of businesses are most concerned with keeping industry secrets to keep clients dependent and needy. Here at Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC, we don’t play by the rules of most businesses.

We’re here to give you the truth and nothing but the truth and give you the rundown on hard water stains — how to clean them and how to AVOID them!

What Is Hard Water?

hardwaterHard water is a result of built-up minerals such as calcium and magnesium getting into your water supply. This is often a rampant issue for homes located in areas without a main filtration system or for home’s that rely on wells for their water supply.

While it is perfectly safe to use, there are many downfalls of having hard water. From dry skin to weird smells, one of the most tedious side effects are the nasty stains that hard water may leave on different surfaces of your home. Read on to learn how to get rid of these ugly stains and live stress-free in your clean home!

Different Surfaces And How To Clean Them

The key to removing hard water stains off of different surfaces in your home is by using an acidic substance. However, different materials call for different techniques to clean them.

  • cleaningstainsPorcelain: Your toilet gets enough trauma during its lifetime in your home. The last thing it needs is a nasty ring caused by something preventable and so easy to clean. Start by applying a powdered multi-purpose cleaner, add some warm water, and scrub away the hard water stains.
  • Glass: When it comes to glass, vinegar can be your best friend. Create a simple natural solution, using vinegar and salt water, and scrub away at the stains and buildup caused by hard water. Glass is sensitive so be gentle while scrubbing. A little vinegar goes a long way.
  • Marble: Marble is a beautiful natural element, it doesn’t need additional minerals piling on top of it which is exactly what happens when your home has hard water. Luckily, a classic marble cleaner and a little scrubbing with a soft towel will do the trick.

Invest In A Water Softener Today

watersoftenerThanks to modern technology, hard water isn’t nearly as big of a problem as it used to be. Water softener systems can now be installed to soften hard water by extracting most of the minerals out of your water supply.

By investing in a quality water softener, you will relieve the stress and costs of all of the negative effects that hard water can cause. No longer will you have to suffer through these unbearable stains messing up your sinks, dishes, and toilets.

Using these effective methods, you can easily clean or avoid all together hard water stains in your home. As the great Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on” so share this article and spread the knowledge of the end to all hard water stains today!


Is Hard Water Affecting Your Loved Ones?

Is Hard Water Affecting Your Loved Ones?


Oftentimes at home, there simply seems to feel like sickness is in the air. No matter how many vitamins or humidifiers you spend money on. Something just doesn’t feel right.

This is a problem that many people struggle with, and luckily water softeners can help us. You see, many of these problems are being introduced to your body through water. Something as simple as water … A striking 85% of people in the U.S has hard-water in their homes, and this very delicate problem has a very simple answer.

Drinking Hard Water Lately?


We know this information is not akin to an everyday conversation, so here are some simple signs you may be ignoring, which will point to the fact that your home, unfortunately, has hard water:

  • Dishes with spots and glassware that is not quite “clear.”
  • Dry skin may be creating red itchy spots which look like allergic reactions.
  • Water fixtures have mineral build up.
  • Soap and scum collect in your sinks.

Think You Know How to Keep Your Water Clean?


Using individual “Pour-in” water filters is smart for drinking purposes, after all saving more money is always better right? Right? Here at Allore’s Plumbing Services, we know that is not true.

You see the problem begins with the simple fact that we don’t just drink water, we shower, clean clothes, wash cars, water plants, brush our teeth, give our pets their drinks… The list can honestly go on!

Having only ONE source of healthy clean water does not rid you of all the possible risks you are taking everywhere else. There is always a way to pay for what we do not do correctly, a penalty you may say. And to be honest, the outcomes of just ignoring a hardwater problem can and will, cause bigger health issues down the road.

What Exactly Are The Health Implications?


Chemically speaking hardwater is known for having higher levels of calcium and magnesium. When these enter your body, they can affect many different areas since we, as a species, entirely depend upon water’s hydration.

Drinking water that has not gone through a softening process heightens the possibilities of having cardiovascular problems, reproductive difficulties, earlier Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

Because of the change of ph that it causes in our bodies, the central nervous system might find itself affected as well. Malformations are common, especially in the offspring of people who consume hardwater.

The ramifications of not maintaining a safe environment at home are simply too big to not consider. Are you willing to invest in your health, longevity, and that of your family’s? Our team believes you should!