World Water Day

Why Observe World Water Day on March 22?

Why Observe World Water Day on March 22?

world-waterWorld Water Day is just around the corner, but it’s possible that you’ve never even heard of this annual day of observance.

To help you and your family celebrate this year, today’s discussion will be dedicated to water waste, water conservation at home, and the basics of World Water Day and the global water crisis.

Conserving Water: Doing Your Part to Reduce Waste

How much water is wasted in America? About a trillion gallons every year. This water comes from residential, agricultural, and industrial sources.

How much water is that? It’s about the same as 40 million swimming pools full of water or 24 billion bathtubs.

What can you do? In residential settings, the two main contributors to wasted water are leaks and bad habits. To tackle waste caused by leaks, you should check faucets, pipes, toilets, and irrigation systems regularly for leaks. If you ever find any, save both water and money by fixing them immediately.

How much water do leaks waste? It depends on the source and the type of leak:

A dripping faucet can waste up to 20 gallons per day, while a major leak can waste hundreds
Each toilet flush wastes up to 7 gallons, while a running toilet can waste as much as 4,000 gallons per day
Even just a tiny leak in an irrigation system can account for over 6,000 gallons of wasted water each month

Saving Water: Doing Your Part at Home

The other side of the coin is bad habits that can waste water around the house, and there are a number of things you and your family can do to reduce your water consumption and help save water this World Water Day. Water-conscious habits to adopt include:

  • water-drop-Using less water in the garden by watering in the early morning and by planting drought-resistant plants
  • -Collecting water in a rain barrel to use in the garden
  • -Taking shorter showers
  • -Not leaving the water running when you’re washing dishes, brushing your teeth, and soaping in the shower
  • -Only running dishwashers and washing machines when there’s a full load
  • -Installing low-flow and water-saving fixtures and appliances
  • -Insulating your water pipes so hot water gets to the taps faster

World Water Day

What is World Water Day all about? World Water Day was created as an international day of observance by the United Nations back in 1993.
It’s a day dedicated to remembering that a large portion of the world doesn’t have access to safe water. Many people and families around the globe have to line up or travel long distances each day or week in order to collect water that’s safe to drink, and many more don’t have access to toilets and proper sanitation.

World Water Day is about putting an end to this, which is called the water crisis or water scarcity, and the United Nations wants everybody in the world to have safe water by 2030.

The Water Crisis

How many people are affected? About 663 million, which is 1 in 10 people worldwide.
Additionally, there are roughly 1.8 billion people who drink water that’s contaminated, and they’re at risk of contracting diseases like polio, typhoid, and cholera because this is the only water they have access to.

Adopting water-saving habits and fixing leaks when you find them will help your family save thousands of gallons of water every year, and there’s no better way to celebrate World Water Day than by conserving water in your Stuart, FL. home. We’d love to help you achieve that goal, so give Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC a call at 772-288-0998 if you discover any leaks during your routine checks.