Useful Tips for Summertime Fun While Being Water Conscious

Useful Tips for Summertime Fun While Being Water Conscious

The heat of summer can present some challenges physically and for our homes as well because of the higher temperatures.

However, the season also offers some unique opportunity to have some real family fun- right in your own backyard.

The problem is that staying cool usually requires greater water use at home.

Complicating matters is that your lawn and garden need more water at this time of year as well.

In order to keep your water bills down and to play your part in conservation to help with the water scarcity crisis, you’ve got to be mindful of your water use. Here are some useful tips to help you devise a plan.

Use your Sprinkler and Hoses to Make Your Garden Green

You can make your lawn and garden green without using loads of water. You just have to be strategic.

Always make sure that your hoses are in good working condition. Damaged hoses just waste water.

Attach a misting nozzle to your hose to mist your plants in your garden. That’s usually enough moisture to give them a good drink.

Get an adjustable sprinkler that will let you more easily guide the spray of water onto your lawn. Only water your lawn when it absolutely needs it.

Make a point of watering it right when you get up in the morning or right before you go to bed, when the water is less likely to evaporate.

Are the kids planning on playing in the sprinkler? Pick a spot that needs watering. If you have a pet, wash them on the lawn so that you can do double duty there too.

Water Conservation Ideas

Since you’ll be using more water this summer, you need to cut back in other areas at home. Consider shortening your showers.

Use a bucket to collect the water in the shower while you are waiting for it to heat up. When brushing your teeth, switch the tap off.

Consider installing more water use efficient plumbing fixtures, like dual-flush toilets or low-flow shower heads. Get yourself a rain barrel to harness water to help with your lawn maintenance.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Now that you’ve balanced out your water usage, you can get busy with your family having fun in the sun.

If you’ve got little ones, freeze small toys in an ice tray and let the ice cubes melt in your hands.

Make yourself a sprinkler with a water bottle or a pool noodle attached to a garden hose.

Punch it with holes and attach a hose with duct tape. Have a water balloon piñata party, where guests are sure to get soaked!