Improving Your Water Bill and the World

Improving Your Water Bill and the World


Every day you’re probably bombarded with messages about how to improve your life, be happy, make money, and save the world. Although we can’t promise to do all of these things on a grand scale, we can still help you out on these issues. Today we’re going to help you find if there are water leaks in your home or water-wasting elements in your life.

Addressing these issues will help you to save money on your water bill, have more peace of mind, and save the environment by not wasting a limited precious resource we often take for granted.

Cutting a Different Type of Toilet Waste

lowflushingtoiletsBy using a low-flush toilet, you can save 25 gallons of water a day and 9,000 dollars per year in the average household, according to Amy Vickers.

All toilets now use 1.6 gallons of water per flush, as required by law, so if your toilet is older than 1994, it’s probably causing your water bill to be higher than necessary. If you want to buy a newer toilet, there are many reviews available to find the best one, and you can pick between gravity-flush toilets and pressure-assist toilets.

Usually, gravity-flush toilets will have a little more trouble with solid waste but in the long run, are cheaper to maintain than a pressure-assist toilet. Pressure-assist toilets are best for businesses as well as homes with bad drainpipe carry. Regardless of whatever model you decide is best for your home and budget, you’ll save more money if you replace an old or leaking toilet with a low-flush toilet.

Faucets Can Drip Away Money

showerfaucetsBe sure to check your shower and sink faucets around your home to make sure they aren’t dripping water 24/7. In fact, check your water hose too!

The more leaking faucets in your home, the more water, and money you waste each day, particularly if you have fast-dripping leaks. Leaking shower and sink faucets can cost you $60 to $200 a year.

Just think of all the things you can do with that money, not to mention the valuable water being wasted! Addressing a problem like this can go a long way to cutting down your water bill.

Find Pesky Pipe Leaks

pipeleaksStopping all the sources of water leaks is a way you can help protect the water supply for your city and cut down on global waste. But what about the leaks you can’t see?

While sinks and showers are obvious places to find leaks, don’t forget that your whole house has pipes connecting your entire water supply. As these pipes age or get damaged, they can form an invisible leak, leading to water damage to your walls or ceilings, and even causing mold.

How can you check for these leaks? After making sure you caught all obvious leaks, turn off your home’s water supply and wait 20 minutes to one hour to check your water meter. It should have a leak detector, which will be moving or changing numbers if you have a leak.

If indeed you do have a leak, shut off the house’s water supply and then check the water meter again. If it stopped, the leak is in your home somewhere, but if it’s still going, you have a leak outside your house. You can look for signs of water damage or moistness outside to find the culprit, but if you prefer less stress, call a professional.

We know that water leaks and wasted money are stressful, and know that adding the weight of environmental responsibility doesn’t make it much easier. But addressing water leaks around your home can help lead to peace of mind and lead to a lifetime of savings so you can invest in things that really matter to you. If you have any leaks in your home or want an annual check-up, please be sure to call Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC today and we’ll get your home in tip-top shape in no time at all!