How to Choose Your Drain Cleaning Method

How to Choose Your Drain Cleaning Method

No matter how hard you try to keep your drains clean, over a period of time sludge will build up. This sludge can be from household products like soap and toothpaste, trace amounts of grease, hair, too much toilet paper, and even hard water deposits. Sometimes it’ll take a while to notice how it affects your plumbing, but repeated toilet overflows and backed up sinks or showers are key indicators of a problem.

While it may be tempting to dump random chemicals down the drain or try to hire one of those ‘plumbers’ that are a friend of a friend of a friend… don’t. Both of these options will only end up costing you time, money, and frustration. Read on to find out what your best choice for drain cleaning is!

How Much Does it Cost?

“costshydrojetting”With all the listed benefits, it’s easy to think that hydrojetting will cost thousands of dollars. Much to our delight, it doesn’t cost near that amount.

In fact, drain cleaning that is done regularly can keep the cost relatively low, but if you’d prefer hydro jetting services on an as-needed basis, the cost will vary based on the severity of the clog and type of drain. Most often, hydro jetting starts around $150-400.

What is Hydrojetting

“whathydrojetting”Hydrojetting may not sound terribly exciting to a non-plumber, but even people with little plumbing experience can appreciate the benefits of it! If you look at each word in the term ‘hydro jetting,’ it is pretty easy to break down.

First, you have ‘hydro,’ which is associated with water, then there is ‘jetting,’ which refers to forcing a liquid (in this case water) through a small aperture at high pressure. Hydro jetting is a fairly simple process that uses high pressured water to blast away dirt, debris, clogs, biofilm, and household products.

Now that you know what hydro jetting is, you should be aware of the benefits of using it. First of all, because hydro jetting uses water to clean your drains and pipes, it doesn’t pose any threat to you or your family. Unfortunately, with store-bought cleaners, the chemicals can burn your skin, eyes, and lungs if accidentally misused. And unlike store-bought cleaners, hydro jetting won’t burn or degrade the pipes in plumbing in your home, nor is it bad for the environment.

Another option that many people consider when unclogging drains is a plumber’s snake. This isn’t as bad for your pipes as a store-bought cleaner can be, but it also doesn’t offer a long-term solution. When your drains are snaked, part or all of the clog might be removed. However, the snake is incapable of removing any hard water deposits or other types of buildup from your pipes. Hydrojetting allows for a plumber to remove any and all types of buildup and harmful bacteria, resulting in a clean, smooth surface that makes it harder for new clogs to form.

Keeping Your Water Flowing

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