Stop Making These Plumbing Mistakes In 2023

What Are the Most Common Plumbing Mistakes?

Get the year started by learning about homeowners’ top plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them. Professional plumbers see many of the same plumbing issues daily, some of which have avoidable causes. In this blog post, plumbers share the three most common plumbing mistakes homeowners should stop making this year. 

Homeowners can do their part to prevent plumbing emergencies in 2023 by keeping up with plumbing maintenance, avoiding liquid drain cleaners, and not attempting any DIY plumbing installations. Avoiding common plumbing mistakes will save homeowners money and headaches later on. 

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners On Clogged Drains

drainLiquid drain cleaners are dangerous to human health and the plumbing system. These products are designed to clear away clogs in the plumbing system using harsh chemicals. Often, the liquid drain cleaner fails to clear away the clog, and the toxic fumes have nowhere to go but up into the home. These toxic fumes can negatively impact humans and pets inside the home. 

In addition to being poisonous to touch, inhale, or consume, liquid drain cleaners are also terrible for the pipes. The harsh chemicals inside a bottle of liquid drain cleaner are enough to eat through metal and cause corrosion of the pipes. Using liquid drain cleaner on clogged pipes is a big mistake that could cost homeowners thousands in repairs if the plumbing system has to be replaced. 


Skipping Water Heater Maintenance maintenance

The home water heater needs maintenance regularly to promote efficient performance. One of the important steps that plumbers take when performing water heater maintenance is to flush out the inside of the tank to remove sediment buildup. When water is heated, natural chemicals like calcium and magnesium can separate into solid sediment

When homeowners skip water heater maintenance appointments, sediment can build up in the water tank. The performance usually becomes louder, and utility bills may increase as the water heater struggles to keep up with the daily demand for hot water. The sediment buildup eventually corrodes the water heater tank or clogs the valves. Homeowners should be sure not to skip water heater maintenance unless they want to replace it this year. 

Attempting DIY Plumbing Projects

“DIY” and plumbing do not go well together. Plumbing systems can be dangerous to work on, and it requires years of training for professional plumbers to obtain a license. An unqualified person could injure themselves or damage property in the process. DIY repairs and installations also take far longer than professionals and usually result poorly. Homeowners will spend less money and time on plumbing if they leave it up to the professionals. 

Homeowners should also be sure that the plumbing company they hire is fully licensed and insured for the work being performed. Business insurance protects the homeowner from liability if something goes wrong during the job. Instead of accidentally flooding the house trying to DIY a plumbing job, call up a trusted local professional plumber. 

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