Know the Signs of a Water Leak

How Homeowners Can Detect Water Leaks 

A water leak is more than a dripping faucet. It’s high water bills. It’s unexplained mold and mildew growth. Perhaps worst of all, water damage (such as soggy drywall) needs immediate replacement. Leaks are just an inevitable part of homeownership. Even newer houses, including the ones sprouting up all over Martin County, can have these problems. 

Thankfully, there are many ways homeowners can spot troublesome leaks. One can identify a leak by: 

Hearing Any Hissing or Running Water Sounds 

Water flows throughout a home’s plumbing system even when the shower isn’t running. For instance, water constantly flows from the city’s water main to the house, making water readily available when one needs it. So, hearing running water every once in a while is nothing to balk out. 

However, if one hears constant hissing or running water sounds, and they don’t have a water-based fixture on, this could be a reason for alarm. Here’s an easy way how homeowners can determine if these sounds indicate a pipe leak: 

  • First, one should locate the home’s water supply valve. 
  • Then, they should turn the valve off. 

If a homeowner notices the sound has stopped, there’s likely a leak somewhere, either under the sink or inside the wall. However, if the noise persists, this could point to another issue, such as a gas leak. In that case, residents should evacuate the home and immediately call a professional. Remaining indoors risks everyone’s health and well-being. 

Noticing Low Water Pressure 

waterThe home thrives on decent water pressure. This is what allows the dishwasher to function properly. It also makes showering a pleasurable experience. Poor water pressure prevents appliances from working properly and lowers residents’ quality of life. 

A water leak can cause low water pressure because there’s water leaving the system. Pressure can’t build up in the system because water isn’t flowing properly. A professional can address the leak (and restore water pressure to the home) by: 

  • Using soundwaves to locate the leak’s source 
  • Turning on different water fixtures and examining the water’s pressure 
  • Using a drain snake with a camera 

How the plumber fixes the leak is a different story. If the pipe has only suffered minimal damage, they may consider fixing the leak with an epoxy. They may also replace the section of pipe, patch the leak, or recommend other measures. It’s important to leave these measures to a professional. DIY measures can only make the problem worse. 

Having Higher Water Bills

billsMartin County charges homeowners for water based on their usage. It notes that for the first 10,000 gallons, one can expect to pay $2.38 per 1,000 gallons. The rates only increase from there. 

Homeowners should have a basic understanding of how much Martin County charges for water. They should also know how much they pay for water each month. If they notice an unexplained increase in their water bill, this could point to a water leak. Martin County does not differentiate between water homeowners intentionally use and water that escapes the plumbing system through leaks. 

In the face of high water bills, one should consult a professional. They can assess the plumbing system and render any necessary repairs. 

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