How to Know That You Have Found The Right Plumber For Hire

Tips for Choosing Your New Plumbing Contractor

Knowing how to find the right plumber for hire for any plumbing job, whether routine or emergency, is incredibly important. Not only does this keep the home and property safe and in good working condition, it also protects all members of the household.

There are a few key characteristics to look for when choosing a plumber with qualifications. Not only will this help you get the job done right, but also it will ensure you have some much-needed peace of mind.

Only Choose A Licensed Plumber For Hire

licensed plumberWhen choosing a plumber, only hire those that are appropriately licensed. In Florida, to be issued a plumbing license, a plumber must prove that they have worked in the business for at least four years or that they have experience combined with an acceptable amount of education.

They also must carry multiple different types of insurance – workers compensation, property damage, and public liability. They must also pass a plumbing exam.

What this means for the homeowner is that they have the right combination of knowledge and experience to handle any plumbing issue, like a water heater emergency, appropriately. They will know the correct plumbing tools and parts without hesitation. A plumbing license is just one more guarantee that the job will be done the right way, the first time.

Punctuality Is Important

Many homeowners have had the experience of sitting and waiting for a service professional to show up. A lot of companies will give a general window of time, usually a few hours in length, which can make it hard for the homeowner’s time management.

That is why punctuality is an important quality to look for in a plumber for hire. Saying what time they will show up, and then showing up at that time, builds trust and shows the homeowner that their time is valuable.


This is especially true for emergency plumbing situations. If there is a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, having a plumber say they can be there in 15 minutes but not showing up for an hour and a half can be the difference between a manageable problem and a far more costly one. Always look for a plumber for hire that goes above and beyond when it comes to punctuality, and find a company that offers 24-hour emergency plumbing assistance.

Don’t Overlook The Value Of Preparation

prepared plumberWhen looking for the right plumber to hire, preparation is key. Plumbers who arrive at a home without the right tools for the job can actually end up costing the homeowner money. This is especially true for plumbers who charge an hourly rate instead of by the job.

If a plumber is hired to help unclog a toilet, for instance, but they arrive without a plunger or a snake to do the job, that is a sign of a larger problem. It also significantly reduces the amount of trust a homeowner has in the belief that a plumber will be able to handle the issue appropriately. Lack of preparation also points to the plumber’s general organization level.

Handling sometimes complex plumbing issues requires a significant amount of both focus and organization. A plumber distracted by having to run back out to their vehicle or to the shop for additional tools may miss out on important parts of the job (especially in an emergency plumbing situation). Always consider the level of organization and preparation when looking into a plumber for hire.

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