Follow These Easy Tips To Find an Underground Water Leak

Underground Water Leak Detection Techniques

Finding a water leak doesn’t sound like it’s much of a challenge, but only if these leaks are above ground and visible. The tricky part is when leaks are hidden and are not as easily detectable as above-ground leaks that practically announce their presence with a constant and visible drip, drip.

The fact that they’re hidden doesn’t mean that they’re impossible to find, especially if homeowners know what signs to look for, what methods to use, and who to call to verify their observations. In this article, professional plumbers share their wealth of knowledge and experience with underground water leaks that will help make finding them quick and easy.

Do These Signs Look Familiar?

leak Any suspicions a homeowner may have about a possible underground leak should align with the following signs to make it easier to determine the next steps. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Is the sound of running water audible around the house even if all taps are shut, and nobody is using a water-consuming appliance? 
  • Is a high water bill another concern, especially without a corresponding increase in water-consuming activities around the house?
  • Are there puddles of water forming around the house without a visible source or viable explanation?
  • Is a decreased water pressure causing slow water flow out of taps, fixtures, and showerheads?

If the answer to all or most of these questions is yes, then there is a high probability that a leak is present within the plumbing system, in which case, it is important to confirm this objectively by checking the home’s water meter.

A Water Meter Can Tell 

Most water meters have a leak indicator that can confirm any suspicions of a possible water leak at home. This leak indicator is usually a brightly colored arrow that spins to indicate a leak. To use this feature properly, shutting off the home’s main water valve before checking the water meter is important. If the arrow keeps spinning, even if no water is being used or supplied within the home, it only means water flows out of the system through a cracked or damaged pipe.

For homes that do not have a leak indicator, it’s still possible to confirm an invisible leak first by shutting off the water main and then getting the meter reading. If that reading has changed after 30 to 60 minutes, it’s a sign that water is leaking.

Professionals Get The Job Done

pro Knowing the problem makes it easier to fix, but when it comes to hidden water leaks, the fix is best done by professionals. Because the location of a hidden leak is often difficult to pinpoint and access, it’s necessary to get water leak detection services. 

Once professionals get involved, they can confirm the presence of a leak, locate it, and fix it through various highly specialized techniques and using special tools to get the job done. Professional leak detection services may employ methods like acoustic leak detection, thermal imaging, trace gas detection, and the like, giving residents peace of mind that the leak has been detected accurately and can be fixed accordingly.

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

With over 30 years in the plumbing industry, Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC has had a tradition of excellence in residential and commercial plumbing in and around the Treasure Coast. This veteran-owned, operated company employs highly trained technicians that can solve virtually any plumbing problem. Their work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that gives customers peace of mind knowing that their team won’t stop working until the issue is resolved. Call them today for all plumbing services in Stuart, FL.

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Plumbing Tools That are Common on the Jobsite

What Equipment is in a Fully-Stocked Truck? 

“Fully-stocked trucks” is a phrase that is common in the trades. Most companies use it as a selling point, but the average homeowner may need to help understand why that is an important distinction to make. When they use the phrase, plumbers are trying to communicate that they keep all of the tools and common parts on board so they can make repairs more quickly. Having everything they need at the tips of their fingers can render more effective service and keep prices lower since they don’t have to waste time finding tools or ordering parts. 

A plumber’s truck has tools to help them get the job done. While the average person may not have access to certain tools or understand their intended use, plumbers are skilled and experienced in using all of the tools of their trade. Here is a sneak peek into the back of a plumber’s truck, where they keep all the tools necessary for success. 

Smaller Hand Tools for Everyday Repairs 

tools The thing that plumbers and all tradesmen keep near them is a tool pouch. While every person’s tool pouch is personalized, most are similar, especially within the same trade. To start with, a plumber’s tool pouch will have everyday tools like: 
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Utility knife
  • Torpedo level
  • Wrenches
  • Measuring tape

When plumbers approach a repair job, there is no guarantee that the fix will be easy, so they need access to common tools like these. When it comes to bigger jobs, they may have a separate tool bag that carries less used equipment like: 

  • Pipe wrenches
  • Pipe cutters
  • Handsaws
  • Power tools
  • Tongue and groove pliers
  • Files

Equipment to Keep Plumbers and Their Customers Safe 

Plumbing can involve safety hazards that include fire hazards and chemical hazards. To keep them and their customers safe, plumbers always operate at the highest safety levels and have special equipment just for the occasion. 

For copper pipe, a commonplace material in every home and business, the most common method to join pieces is soldering. Soldering uses a torch and hot flame to melt tin into pipe fittings. This gives a leak-free joint but can also cause a fire hazard. Plumbers carry wet rags, sand, and fire extinguishers to mitigate this risk. 

For joining PVC pipe, another common material, plumbers must use solvents and glue that release harsh fumes. In many cases, plumbers will use respirators to avoid breathing in the vapors. They will also use gloves to keep these chemicals off their hands. 

Specialty Tools for Emergencies 

tools About half of the work that plumbers do, more in some cases, is responding to plumbing emergencies like sewer clogs. Sewer clogs present major strategic problems because sewer lines are buried underground and underneath the slab of a home. To access and remove sewer clogs and make pinpoint repairs, plumbers use tools like: 

With these tools always in their trucks, plumbers can quickly take care of problems so life can get back to normal for their clients. 

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC serves residential and commercial customers with guaranteed service. Their technicians drive fully-stocked trucks to render fast service. Call today for emergency service or plumbing maintenance in Stuart, FL. 

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Go Green This Spring By Installing a Tankless Water Heater!

Everything Homeowners Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for ways to “go green” – to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve water, and help protect the environment. Fortunately, with the wide range of eco-friendly appliances and plumbing fixtures, it’s never been easier to go green at home! Even replacing one old appliance with a new, more energy-efficient model can significantly affect a home’s environmental impact – not to mention the utility bills!

And when upgrading appliances, there’s no better place to start than that rusty old water heater. For many households, a tankless water heater can be a great option for convenience and improved energy efficiency. This article will explain how tankless water heaters work, their benefits, and how to tell if it’s time to install one!

How To Tell When the Old Water Heater Needs Replacing

shower There are several signs it’s time to replace a water heater. The first is the age of the water heater. Most conventional water heaters last around 10-15 years on average, so if the unit is in that range and having issues, it may be time for a new water heater. 

Regardless of age, some issues may indicate that the unit is on its last leg – rusty or discolored water coming from the hot water taps, water leaking from the unit, or loud noises (such as rumbling or popping) coming from the unit. These typically point to a corroded or damaged hot water tank, necessitating buying a new water heater.

If the hot water doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to, the temperature fluctuates, or there’s no hot water at all, there may be an issue with the thermostat, a gas burner, or an electric heating element (depending on the type of unit). If the unit is older, replacing the unit may be more cost-effective than trying to repair it. A lack of hot water may also indicate that the household is simply going through it too fast, in which case it may be time for a unit with a larger tank – or a tankless water heater.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Whereas conventional water heaters contain a tank full of water kept hot around the clock, tankless water heaters heat water only as needed. This is why they’re often called “on-demand” water heaters. When a hot water faucet is turned on, cold water flows through a heat exchanger inside the unit and is rapidly heated by either an electric heating element or a gas burner. The hot water then flows to the faucet.

Since only so much water can flow through a tankless water heater at once, the flow rate may suffer if multiple fixtures use a high volume of hot water simultaneously – when someone is taking a shower while the dishwasher is running, for instance. But unlike with a conventional unit, homeowners will never run out of hot water and have to wait for the storage tank to heat back up. This is just one of the many benefits of tankless water heaters.

Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

benefits In addition to the never-ending hot water supply, on-demand water heaters offer several other advantages. Since they don’t perpetually hold a tank of water at a certain temperature, tankless units virtually eliminate standby heat loss. They use less energy overall – depending on the home’s water usage, going tankless may improve water heater efficiency by anywhere from 8% to around 34%. 

Tankless water heaters also take up less space, require less maintenance, and last much longer than conventional units (20 years or more). So homeowners won’t just be saving money on energy costs; they’ll also save on service, repairs, and water heater replacement over the long haul.

Of course, other high-efficiency water heaters are becoming more popular, and tankless might not be the best fit for every household – so homeowners should consult with their trusted plumber to weigh the options and find the right water heater for their specific needs!

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

The veteran-owned and operated Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC has proudly served Stuart and the Treasure Coast for over 30 years. Their commitment to providing unbeatable workmanship and stellar customer service has earned them HomeAdvisor’s “Best Of” and “Elite Service” awards and thousands of happy customers! Allore’s offers emergency service and guarantees 100% satisfaction on every job, so call them today for a water heater replacement in Stuart, FL!

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Meet the First American Black Woman to Become a Master Plumber

Get to Know Plumbing Pioneer Adrienne Bennett

It’s no secret that the plumbing industry has traditionally been one that largely attracts male employees. After all, plumbing can be dirty and physically demanding work. But in the United States, women have gotten increasingly involved in the industry. And along with gender barriers, Adrienne Bennett made history by becoming the first female African American to become a master plumber. Read on to learn more about Adrienne and her meteoric rise through the plumbing industry since 1976. 

Getting Her Start

Adrianne Bennett’s journey into the plumbing industry was anything but smooth. As a child, Bennett was naturally interested in how things worked. She would buy model aircraft as a child because she liked putting them together. Naturally, this made her want to pursue an engineering degree through a Detroit engineering firm. She applied for a position in the entry-level program, which would provide a pathway to a mechanical engineering degree from Lawrence Technology University. However, this wasn’t to be. Racism reared its ugly head in a confrontation with an employee at the engineering firm. This crushed Bennett and she left the program. But she didn’t stay down for long. 

In 1976, a recruiter working for the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit approached Bennett about an apprenticeship program for the skilled trades. After learning a little more about it, Bennett tested for the five-year program — and she passed.  

From Apprentice to Inspector and Beyond

contractor Bennett was not afraid to work hard, and she wasn’t about to let a few bad apples run her out of the plumbing apprenticeship program. Almost all the other people in the program were men, and she had to put up with more than her fair share of speed bumps along the way. She weathered bullying, hostility, and even sexual harassment. But she worked hard, passing exams and receiving high marks from her instructors. 

At 30, Bennett had logged her 4,000 hours and passed her exam to become a Master Plumber — the first African American Master Plumber in U.S. history. But her accomplishments didn’t end there. Over her career, she worked as a code enforcement officer, project manager, journeyman plumber, and plumbing inspector. Even if Bennett herself shrugs off the praise, her resilience, and dedication are nothing short of awesome. 

Adrienne Bennett Today

contractor When she received the blow of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 1995, Bennett had to take a step back from her work for the city of Detroit. At that point, she felt there was only one thing left to do in her career: start her own company. In 2008, she launched the plumbing contractor and water conservation company Benkari with her son.

Today, Adrienne Bennett is still working as the CEO of Benkari, LLC. Her company has been heavily involved in rebuilding Detroit. And her example as a highly successful Black woman in an industry traditionally dominated by men stands tall for people of all races and genders. She works to advocate safer conditions for women and serves as a community leader in Detroit.  

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC has provided Stuart, FL, with expert plumbing assistance for over 30 years. The veteran-owned and operated company is known for its knowledgeable and friendly technicians. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job! Call now for plumbing service!

Stop Making These Plumbing Mistakes In 2023

What Are the Most Common Plumbing Mistakes?

Get the year started by learning about homeowners’ top plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them. Professional plumbers see many of the same plumbing issues daily, some of which have avoidable causes. In this blog post, plumbers share the three most common plumbing mistakes homeowners should stop making this year. 

Homeowners can do their part to prevent plumbing emergencies in 2023 by keeping up with plumbing maintenance, avoiding liquid drain cleaners, and not attempting any DIY plumbing installations. Avoiding common plumbing mistakes will save homeowners money and headaches later on. 

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners On Clogged Drains

drain Liquid drain cleaners are dangerous to human health and the plumbing system. These products are designed to clear away clogs in the plumbing system using harsh chemicals. Often, the liquid drain cleaner fails to clear away the clog, and the toxic fumes have nowhere to go but up into the home. These toxic fumes can negatively impact humans and pets inside the home. 

In addition to being poisonous to touch, inhale, or consume, liquid drain cleaners are also terrible for the pipes. The harsh chemicals inside a bottle of liquid drain cleaner are enough to eat through metal and cause corrosion of the pipes. Using liquid drain cleaner on clogged pipes is a big mistake that could cost homeowners thousands in repairs if the plumbing system has to be replaced. 


Skipping Water Heater Maintenance maintenance

The home water heater needs maintenance regularly to promote efficient performance. One of the important steps that plumbers take when performing water heater maintenance is to flush out the inside of the tank to remove sediment buildup. When water is heated, natural chemicals like calcium and magnesium can separate into solid sediment

When homeowners skip water heater maintenance appointments, sediment can build up in the water tank. The performance usually becomes louder, and utility bills may increase as the water heater struggles to keep up with the daily demand for hot water. The sediment buildup eventually corrodes the water heater tank or clogs the valves. Homeowners should be sure not to skip water heater maintenance unless they want to replace it this year. 

Attempting DIY Plumbing Projects

“DIY” and plumbing do not go well together. Plumbing systems can be dangerous to work on, and it requires years of training for professional plumbers to obtain a license. An unqualified person could injure themselves or damage property in the process. DIY repairs and installations also take far longer than professionals and usually result poorly. Homeowners will spend less money and time on plumbing if they leave it up to the professionals. 

Homeowners should also be sure that the plumbing company they hire is fully licensed and insured for the work being performed. Business insurance protects the homeowner from liability if something goes wrong during the job. Instead of accidentally flooding the house trying to DIY a plumbing job, call up a trusted local professional plumber. 

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC is here to help when an unexpected plumbing emergency strikes. Its professional plumbers are ready to go with fully stocked work trucks with the latest specialized tools and technology. Homeowners can count on Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC to deliver amazing service at every appointment. Call them today for plumbing maintenance in Stuart, FL!

3 Ways to Prevent Clogged Sinks

No More Clogged Drains

Tired of calling the plumber to unclog drains all the time? In this blog post, professional plumbers want to share three ways homeowners can prevent clogged kitchen sinks. Food waste, cooking grease, and debris that get washed down the drain can cause nasty clogs in the kitchen plumbing. Warning signs of a clogged sink drain are foul smells and slow-draining water.

Moldy food caught in a clogged kitchen sink drain is unsanitary and stinks up the kitchen. Homeowners can use hot water or a combination of baking soda and vinegar to unclog a drain between regular plumbing maintenance appointments. It is also a good idea to dispose of food scraps in the kitchen trash can instead of rinsing them down the sink. 

Invest In Preventative Maintenance 

Scheduling routine drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance is the best way to keep kitchen drains from clogging. Homeowners should leave drain cleaning and toxic liquid drain cleaners to professionals. During maintenance appointments, the plumber can inspect the plumbing for signs of damage, clogs, and potential problems. 

Ignoring the warning signs of a clogged drain can cost homeowners more in the long run. The entire plumbing system is connected, and a clogged drain in one part of the house could impact the function of the overall plumbing. The longer the problem goes unresolved, the worse it can get. Homeowners should call a plumber as soon as they notice warning signs that they need professional drain cleaning services. 

Install a Mesh Drain Screen mesh

The main reason kitchen sink drains get clogged is food waste and cooking oils from dirty dishes. Using the home’s garbage disposal to pulverize food scraps before they get washed down the drain can help to prevent clogs. Homeowners without garbage disposals should install a mesh screen over the drain to catch food scraps before they get washed down. 

An uncovered kitchen drain is a recipe for a plumbing disaster. Even if food scraps do not cause an immediate blockage, they can slowly build up in the plumbing system. The worst-case scenario is that the blockage causes the pipe to burst, leading to extensive property damage. Using a mesh screen to catch things before they wash down the drain will help prevent clogged kitchen drains. 

Never Put Cooking Grease Down the Drain

food Homeowners may be tempted to dispose of liquid animal fat, cooking grease, and oils by pouring them down the kitchen sink. Putting cooking grease down the drain will slowly lead to a nasty clog. When animal fat, grease, and oils cool, they become solid and coat the inside of the plumbing. 

The best way to dispose of cooking oil is to put the used oil in a container and throw the container in the trash can. Pouring cooking grease down the drain can cost homeowners in the long run if there is a blockage in the kitchen drain or main sewer line. Cooking grease clogs can lead to corrosion of the pipes, burst pipes, and foul smells. It requires professional help to unclog sinks that have tough grease clogs. 

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC has served the Stuart, FL area with affordable services from expert plumbers for over 30 years. Homeowners can count on the professional plumbers at Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC to be on time, clean, and professional at every service appointment. Call them today to schedule drain cleaning or plumbing maintenance in Stuart, FL! 

The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance and Repair in Fall and Winter

How Homeowners Can Know They Need Water Heater Repair

Hot water, much in the same way as indoor plumbing, was once considered a luxury. In many places in the world, it still is. In the last hundred years or so, indoor plumbing and water heaters have been in basically every US dwelling. That being said, It is hard to imagine living without the convenience of a fully functioning water heater. They are the silent heart of the home’s water supply system. People have become so used to these appliances that they often go unnoticed until they stop working. This article will discuss how a water heater lets homeowners know it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Hot or Not? Problems with Inconsistent Temperature temperature

One of the subtler ways a water heater can exhibit problems is by being inconsistent with the water temperature. This is a large umbrella for any sort of fluctuation in temperature, which can include:

  • Too Hot: This may merely be a symptom of a thermostat being shifted in the wrong direction or indicate that the temperature regulation device is not working properly. This can be dangerous, particularly to children.
  • Too Cold/Lukewarm: This could be a simple matter of temperature regulation. There could also be a problem with the heat source, whether an electric heating element or a gas burner. They could need cleaning or replacing.
  • Too Little Hot Water: Running out of hot water in the middle of the shower is no one’s favorite incident. This can be a problem with the heating element or, even worse, there could be a leak that is reducing the water level.
  • Unexpected Temperature Changes: These changes can happen when multiple appliances or faucets are using the hot water, such as the shower and the washing machine, but if it is happening without evidence of other users, there may be an issue. 

Trained water heater technicians can quickly identify the problem and fix it or advise on these matters. If homeowners struggle with keeping their hot water consistent, they should consult a professional. 

The Drip, Drip, Drip of Leaks leaks

If hot water is running out too quickly or there is water pooling underneath or near the water heater, there is likely a leak. This can be in the pipe connections or, worse, in the hot water tank. Leaks cause problems for more than just the hot water level, including: 

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Structural damage to the home
  • Water damage
  • Higher water bills due to water loss

If the leak is in the pipe, that may be an easy fix, whether it is tightening the connection or repairing or replacing the pipe. If the hot water tank has cracked or has become corroded, it is very likely that the whole thing will need to be replaced.

Too Old to Repair? When a Hot Water Heater Should Be Replaced

If a water heater has multiple issues, is in constant need of repairs, and is more than ten years old, a homeowner is likely looking at a replacement of the water heater. For one thing, finding replacement parts for the appliance may be difficult. For another, wear and tear on an older tank can be extensive. It may be less expensive to purchase a new hot water tank than to repair an old one. Homeowners looking to replace their water heater should consider the highly efficient tankless water heater, which takes up less space and uses less energy than the traditional water heater.

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC

Veteran-owned and operated out of Stuart, FL, Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC has more than thirty years of experience under their belts. Their highly trained technicians offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and emergency service. Call them today for water heating service anywhere along Florida’s Treasure Coast.

How to Avoid Common Plumbing Scares This Halloween

Don’t Let a Plumbing Emergency Ruin Halloween

A plumbing emergency can be a scary situation! Homeowners can use these three tips to keep their home safe from potential plumbing emergencies this spooky season. Clogged drains, burst pipes, and malfunctioning water heaters are all nightmares homeowners should take steps to avoid.

In this blog post, plumbing experts share three ways homeowners can keep their homes safe from plumbing emergencies this fall. Plumbing systems are complicated, but keeping them running safely does not have to be. Preventing plumbing disasters with annual maintenance keeps the home safe and saves the homeowner money on potential repairs. 

Drain Cleaning

Drains are often overlooked when people think about their plumbing systems, but clogged drains are one of the number one causes of plumbing disasters. The entire plumbing system is connected, and a lack of proper drainage can cause serious problems. Neglecting the drains include burst pipes underground or sewer backflow into the home. 

Scheduling regular drain cleaning services can help protect homeowners from a scary plumbing situation this fall. Professional plumbers have methods such as drain snaking and hydro-jetting, which can be used to clear drains safely. Homeowners can also mix baking soda and vinegar or pour hot water down the drain to help clean it. 

One should never use liquid drain cleaners to try to fix a clogged drain because of the toxic chemicals they contain. When the liquid drain cleaner fails to clear the clog immediately, the toxic fumes can come back into the house. Liquid drain cleaner can be even scarier than a clogged drain because of the risk of poisoning from exposure to the chemicals. 

How to Prevent Clogged Toilets

toilet Clogged toilets are one of the most common problems that plumbing companies fix. Homeowners can help to prevent a clogged toilet from scaring off their guests this Halloween by being mindful of what gets flushed. The only thing one should ever flush down the toilet is toilet paper. 

Even some items advertised as flushable can cause problems for certain toilets. Wipes, paper towels, and sanitary napkins should be thrown in the trashcan rather than flushed down the toilet. Using less toilet paper can also be beneficial for preventing a clogged toilet. 

Water Heater Maintenance

maintenance A broken water heater can be scary for multiple reasons. The water heater is an essential piece of plumbing hardware for modern homes. It provides the home with warm water for bathing, cleaning, and other daily tasks. Homeowners should regularly maintain their water heaters to ensure that it does not break down this Halloween.

The benefits of doing water heater maintenance include promoting efficient performance, keeping energy bills low, and protecting the safety of the household. Maintenance also helps to protect the homeowner’s investment in their water heater system. Fixing small problems before they get out of hand can add years to the lifespan of the hardware. 

When water heaters work, the natural minerals in the water can separate into solid sediment. This sediment build-up can eventually cause corrosion of the water heater tank. During water heater maintenance appointments, the technician will safely clean out the sediment to prevent corrosion and other problems.

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC 

Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC is a trustworthy local plumbing company passionate about keeping its community safe from plumbing disasters. Homeowners in the Stuart, FL area have depended on Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC for over 30+ years for plumbing repairs and maintenance. Call them today for emergency plumbing services in Stuart, FL!

Know the Signs of a Water Leak

How Homeowners Can Detect Water Leaks 

A water leak is more than a dripping faucet. It’s high water bills. It’s unexplained mold and mildew growth. Perhaps worst of all, water damage (such as soggy drywall) needs immediate replacement. Leaks are just an inevitable part of homeownership. Even newer houses, including the ones sprouting up all over Martin County, can have these problems. 

Thankfully, there are many ways homeowners can spot troublesome leaks. One can identify a leak by: 

Hearing Any Hissing or Running Water Sounds 

Water flows throughout a home’s plumbing system even when the shower isn’t running. For instance, water constantly flows from the city’s water main to the house, making water readily available when one needs it. So, hearing running water every once in a while is nothing to balk out. 

However, if one hears constant hissing or running water sounds, and they don’t have a water-based fixture on, this could be a reason for alarm. Here’s an easy way how homeowners can determine if these sounds indicate a pipe leak: 

  • First, one should locate the home’s water supply valve. 
  • Then, they should turn the valve off. 

If a homeowner notices the sound has stopped, there’s likely a leak somewhere, either under the sink or inside the wall. However, if the noise persists, this could point to another issue, such as a gas leak. In that case, residents should evacuate the home and immediately call a professional. Remaining indoors risks everyone’s health and well-being. 

Noticing Low Water Pressure 

water The home thrives on decent water pressure. This is what allows the dishwasher to function properly. It also makes showering a pleasurable experience. Poor water pressure prevents appliances from working properly and lowers residents’ quality of life. 

A water leak can cause low water pressure because there’s water leaving the system. Pressure can’t build up in the system because water isn’t flowing properly. A professional can address the leak (and restore water pressure to the home) by: 

  • Using soundwaves to locate the leak’s source 
  • Turning on different water fixtures and examining the water’s pressure 
  • Using a drain snake with a camera 

How the plumber fixes the leak is a different story. If the pipe has only suffered minimal damage, they may consider fixing the leak with an epoxy. They may also replace the section of pipe, patch the leak, or recommend other measures. It’s important to leave these measures to a professional. DIY measures can only make the problem worse. 

Having Higher Water Bills

bills Martin County charges homeowners for water based on their usage. It notes that for the first 10,000 gallons, one can expect to pay $2.38 per 1,000 gallons. The rates only increase from there. 

Homeowners should have a basic understanding of how much Martin County charges for water. They should also know how much they pay for water each month. If they notice an unexplained increase in their water bill, this could point to a water leak. Martin County does not differentiate between water homeowners intentionally use and water that escapes the plumbing system through leaks. 

In the face of high water bills, one should consult a professional. They can assess the plumbing system and render any necessary repairs. 

About Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC 

Allore’s Plumbing Services LLC opened its doors in 1986 with one goal: to serve the people of Stuart, Florida. Founded by a navy veteran, they offer proficient repairs that can only come from 30-plus years of experience. For help with water leaks, interested parties can schedule appointments online. They can also call to speak with a representative.

Plumbing 101: Learn the Basics of Plumbing Systems

Learn the Plumbing Basics

This back-to-school season, professional plumbers want to educate homeowners on everything they need to know about their plumbing systems. It is always best to leave plumbing repairs and maintenance up to qualified professionals, but having basic knowledge of how the plumbing system works can benefit homeowners in many ways.

Knowing how the plumbing system works helps homeowners to maintain their systems in a way that promotes efficient performance and extends the lifespan of plumbing fixtures. Homeowners should also know the warning signs of a malfunctioning plumbing system that they need to look out for. Small plumbing issues can become safety hazards and cause extensive home damage if left in disrepair.

Where Does the Water Come From?

The home plumbing system is connected to the main water source that is provided by the city or a well located on the property. At water treatment plants, water is processed to remove contaminants before it travels through a water line into a home’s plumbing. The pipes that connect the home to the main water source are called the water line.

There is a water meter located at the connection to the water line that measures how much water the household is using. The water company uses this meter to bill for the amount of water used. Plumbers also use the water meter to troubleshoot issues with the plumbing system. They also use the main shut-off valve located on the water meter to stop the flow of water so that they can safely work on the plumbing system.

The wastewater exits the home through drains that lead to a city sewer or a septic tank. The pipes that carry wastewater to the sewer are called the sewer line. Septic tanks are used to dispose of wastewater from homes that cannot be connected to the sewer. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their septic tank, whereas the city maintains the sewer.

Plumbing Appliances shower

The water line provides the home with water for drinking, cleaning, and bathing. Common plumbing appliances in the kitchen include dishwashers, sinks, and ice-makers. Washing machines use a lot of water.

Another essential plumbing fixture would be a shower or bath. Some homes have both or just one. The toilet is another plumbing appliance that is found in the bathroom. Some homeowners also have outdoor plumbing fixtures such as sprinkler systems, fountains, or pools.

The water heater provides the home with a hot water source for cleaning and bathing. It is one of the most important and high-value pieces of plumbing hardware found in the household. Installing a new water heater can increase the home’s value for years.

New plumbing fixtures are more energy-efficient and water-saving than older models. Homeowners can save money on utility bills and do their part to protect the environment by replacing outdated plumbing fixtures with new water-conserving ones. The gallons of water saved each year by installing new fixtures can substantially save on water bills.

water meter

Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

One of the most common reasons home plumbing systems fail to perform efficiently or break down completely is a lack of maintenance. Homeowners should regularly check for signs of plumbing leaks and call a plumber if they notice any warning signs. During maintenance appointments, the plumber will have a chance to inspect the plumbing system for signs of damage and suggest solutions that meet the homeowner’s needs.

Drain cleaning services are one example of a plumbing service that homeowners can invest in to improve the performance of their plumbing systems. Clogged drains and pipes are a common plumbing problem costing homeowners hundreds of dollars yearly. A clogged pipe could burst due to water pressure, making the price of repairs shoot up to the thousands when extensive property damage occurs.

Another important maintenance service that homeowners should invest in is to flush water heaters to remove mineral sediment. When water is heated in the water heater tank, the natural minerals in water separate into solid sediment. This sediment can corrode the inside of the tank, leading to water heater leaks and dangerous malfunctions. During maintenance appointments, plumbers drain water heaters and clean the inside.

Doing maintenance bi-annually and regularly inspecting the plumbing system can save homeowners time, money, and headaches. Catching plumbing issues early on and repairing them immediately helps prevent the problem from worsening. Leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures can cause water damage that leads to mold growth and can even increase the risk of electrocution if water reaches the home’s electrical wiring.

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