International peace day

International Day of Peace – How Your Plumbing is Saving You

International Day of Peace – How Your Plumbing is Saving You

September 21st marks “International Peace Day,” an official day created by the United Nations in 1984 where all nations can come together and commit to their shared interest in World Peace. Most global tensions stem from the competitive need for energy resources and food supply.

A unifying concern of the world is access to clean water, and how climate change is affecting our ability to acquire it. Most people are unaware of how modern plumbing has facilitated our lives and allowed us luxuries our ancestors did not have. Let’s take a look at how plumbing as we know it is being affected by the effects of global warming.

How Plumbing Technologies Affect Us

It may seem like common sense that plumbing is convenient, but most people don’t really understand to what extent these systems improve our quality of life on a daily basis.

Climate change is affecting the way we acquire water, the quality of that water, and the amount of water we have access to. Here are a few ways modern plumbing is helping you:

  • plumbingtechnologyTransporting consumable water to you, and wastewater away from you. Studies show that access to clean water and safe disposal of wastewater has extended life expectancy in the human race more than any medical advancement out there!
  • Filtration systems remove pollutants, sediments, and illness from our drinking, cooking, and bathing water — you can use the water in your home and not stress about becoming ill.
  • Eco-friendly technologies and plumbing systems provide water efficiency, controlling the overuse of water and saving consumers billions of gallons of water and dollars every year. This is best for places affected by drought and water scarcity, but everyone benefits from water efficiency.

Speaking of Water Droughts…

waterdroughtsStudies are showing concerning records of water droughts on a global scale. Droughts are lasting longer and water is becoming more scarce.

Plenty of states and countries are implementing emergency conservation restrictions on water use, or they’ll quite literally run out of water.

This leads to overheating and environmental dryness, which in turn become terrifying and unstoppable forest fires. And you can’t put out fires without water…

On the opposite end of the spectrum, climate unbalancing has also lead to rising sea levels and flooding in inhabited areas. It is said that natural disasters displace three times as many people as international conflicts, forcing large migrations of people to find a home elsewhere.

World Peace Can Start With Water

worldpeaceThe whole world agrees that our water supply must be protected. This is a job for everyone, not just a select few.

Increasing awareness on how to preserve, conserve, and reuse water will benefit all of us now, and all future generations to come. Humans are 60% water! We cannot survive without it.

Finding environmentally friendly solutions to increase water efficiency should be everyone’s business. This isn’t a problem best left for tomorrow. What good would all the modern plumbing be if there is no consumable water left to ‘consume?’

Join #PeaceDay

On Peace Day, take a moment to reflect how much nature has done for you, and does for you every day. We are quite literally all in this together, and it’s time to start being mindful about how we are treating our planet.

Egos and money will not keep you alive – but food and clean water will. At the end of the day, we are all organisms in search of the same thing – peace on earth.